• Beth Hurst

Vida Care | Testimony

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Part of what GoToDigital does best is listening to the people and companies we work with. We sat down with one of our wonderful clients to chat about how GoToDigital has transformed their business.


Vida is a home care provider that leverages smart technology to deliver outstanding client-centred care. They are revolutionising the care industry by empowering carers with the skills and tools they need. Their ethos is centered completely around human compassion and using technology to achieve this by extending the health system into the safety of people’s homes. Vida is on a mission to redefine care in the community and tasked GoToDigital to help them on their way.


Devika Wood is the fabulous founder of Vida. She’s had a varied career in and around the healthcare industry, working at Google, Imperial College as a Visiting Researcher in the Division of Surgery and Medicine, and as a Clinical Governance & Policy Advisor at Babylon Health. She was named by Glamour as one of 10 women changing the world their way and was included on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2018. Here’s what she had to say…

So when we started working with you, your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) was pretty high...

“Yes! We initially started off with a ridiculous CPA. Care is a pretty competitive world! By using GoToDigital for our lead generation we halved our CPA and were able to reduce our cost per enquiry down by over 70%. The quality of the leads is great too.”

Had you had any previous experience using lead generation to help your business?

“I’d never used it before! We only ever tried Google Adwords campaigns which can be expensive. Having GoToDigital’s expertise is incredible, especially in the healthcare space. With them taking care of the marketing we are able to focus on other critical aspects of the company, like care delivery and tech development, and put all of our minds behind it.”

How did you find working with GoToDigital?

“Amazing! They’re intelligent, outgoing, and constantly keep us up to date with what’s going on with weekly meetings. They manage the whole process for us, liaise with the marketing lead to ensure that the campaign is doing well and check if we need any refinements. I’ve never had to chase them they always chase us. The whole team is fantastic - they couldn’t be more helpful if they tried."

"GoToDigital were transformative in helping Vida reduce its CPA, allowing us the ability to focus on running our business. We absolutely love what they do.”