• Jaron Fay

The Perfect Sales Call

So you’ve got the contact details of a person who is interested in your business – now what?

Sales calls are the best strategy to convert prospective customers into paying ones, but they’re often neglected. No matter how much you spend on your leads, if you’re not investing in your sales process then you won’t see the best results. Even perfectly positioned leads can turn cold with poor sales practices.

When we send our high-quality leads out into the world, we hand over the sales process to you – because there’s no one better to convince others about your business. That being said, we’ve picked up some pretty good tips on how to do the perfect sales call.

Time to Contact

The number one way to improve your conversion rate is to call your leads as soon as they come in. We’ve already written in depth about the statistics around getting speedy, and the process behind closing inbound leads. Calling your leads straight away should be a top priority, as the customer will shop around or soon become uninterested in purchasing your product or service if you wait. As soon as you receive a potential customer's information, call them!

Pre-call Checklist


Ensure that you have multiple email templates set up for all different scenarios, such as follow-up information after a call, or a gentle email when you can’t get through. Templates are a great way to maximize efficiency when dealing with a lot of customers. However, don’t forget to include space for a personalised touch.


Though you have a clear understanding of how your business works, your customers may not. Be able to simply explain exactly what you offer, your USP and the next steps for your potential customer to follow.


Handling a lot of customer information can easily get overwhelming and messy if you don’t have a strong, organised CRM in place. Before you call anyone, make sure that you have your CRM open and ready to collect any information you may need.


The person you are calling has a problem that you have a solution to fix. With GoToDigital leads, they have agreed to be contacted and are expecting your call, so there is no need to stress. Half of your work is already done! Relax, take a deep breath, and dial.

During the Call Essentials

Handling Objection

Even if the customer is interested in your product, you will have to deal with objection. Potential customers may be weighing up the benefits of other options (your competitors) or concerned about the cost. It is crucial that you align yourself with their objection. Validate their concerns and acknowledge that you understand their point of view. After you express empathy, explain that your job is to try and find a solution. Never give up – get to the bottom of their concerns and put them at ease.

Being Personal

Using their name, staying positive, and simply saying please and thank you can go a long way in sales. In addition, people like talking about themselves, the reason why they are calling, or various problems they may be having – so ask questions! If conversation flows off topic about the customer, let it. They will feel like they’re talking to a friend and be more willing to listen to your sell.

Call to action

Remember the reason why you called them in the first place. Whatever your business is, you should have a clear motive for the call which is easy to “close” at the end. This could be booking an appointment, putting down a deposit, buying a product or coming in for a consultation. Make sure that before ending the phone call you given all of the information needed and have asked any questions you need – your call should end with a firm action or agreement, or in the best case, a closed deal.

Follow Up

Sometimes, even the hottest leads who are keen on the phone can easily forget about the whole interaction within a few days. Life happens! It is important to send gentle and kind reminders to them to jog their memory about your call, so you achieve your conversion. A good tactic is to send an email to check-in or even give them another phone call if they don’t respond.

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