• Jaron Fay

The 9 best websites for creative design

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Here at GoToDigital, we love innovative and creative marketing done right. We have scoured the world wide web in order to find the most advanced and exciting website designs for your personal enjoyment. We even recorded ourselves as we delved into each site.

Take a look, watch our videos or explore the best website examples out there for yourself and be inspired.

Secret Location

Secret location is a Canadian based web development company. Their mysterious website forces the user to scroll further and further down the page as they explore more about them. With a naturalistic theme and animated technological moving deer looking ominously over a dark void it is hard to exit this thought-provoking site!

Find the Secret Location here!

Signes du quotidien

Signes du quotidien translates to Sings of everyday life. They are a French graphic design workshop. The highly interactive website makes it fun to view and near impossible to leave before you have learned all about their company. Props to the French creators!

Check out this website for yourself here!

Portfolio of Daniel Spatzek

This artsy website encapsulates the imagination of the user. Moving parts and ever-changing animated abstract art in the center of the page makes it hard to look away. Seamless transitions to different parts of the site keep the audience engaged and wanting to learn more.

Be mesmerised here!

The Boat

This website is beautifully laid out. It seamlessly takes you through a thrilling comic book style story that you’ll have to read for yourself to find out its surprising ending. It perfectly uses web design to communicate an emotive and powerful narrative.

Explore the story here!

The Drop

This website might just be ahead of its time. It offers an interactive “drop” in which the user can play games or discover abstract artwork. However, it does have a much greater purpose. The user gets to explore different products, ideas, technology and so much more. This website is truly an interesting creation – can you keep on holding?

Give it a go here!

My Grandmother's Lingo

Not only does this elegant website teach you a lost language, but also takes you through the history of its forgotten past. The website graciously mixes helping you learn the language with teaching you the interesting facts narrated by a young girl who is trying to keep her culture alive. This website focuses on preserving the past and understanding the importance of human connection, through a digital medium.

Immerse yourself in the language here!

Maps Tower Defense

If you are a geography buff and strategy game fanatic then look no further than this website. This website lets the user choose any location on the face of the earth and play a classic strategy tower defense game.

Try to beat the game here!

Sleepy Head

This website dares you to try and wake it up. With a bunch of classic spoofs such as a fly, a feather, and a flying sandal this website will surly keep you entertained - well, at least for 60 seconds until you realise the websites master plan. Some might find it evil, but I found it to be pure genius.

See for yourself here!


This website offers the user to create a creative blend of different sounds to help improve productivity or relaxation. This website provides the user to experiment with different noise combinations at different volumes. This website is both fun to play with and a useful tool to drown out the noise around you without all the distracting lyrics that most music has today.

Grab your headphones and listen here!

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