• Beth Hurst

Tempo | Testimony

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We sat down with one of our wonderful clients to chat about how GoToDigital has transformed their business.


Tempo is an intelligent, video-based hiring platform connecting more than 12,000 brilliant candidates to over 750 companies including the likes of Uber, Monzo, the NHS, CommuterClub and Boston Consulting Group.


Ben Chatfield is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tempo. He has 8 years of experience working in and around recruitment, and is now changing the industry by applying tech to the process, and giving the power back to candidates. He launched the company in May 2017 with his Co-Founder Ollie Povey, so our chat coincides just after Tempo’s 1st Birthday Celebrations!

We've been lucky to be part of the Tempo story since the very beginning...

“When we launched in May 2017, our business was just an idea. Now our clients include Uber, Monzo, Boston Consulting Group and hundreds of others who’ve found us through GoToDigital. They have been key in getting us to where we are today.”

How did GoToDigital fit in with your business?

"GoTo integrated seamlessly with how we do things at Tempo, and they feel like an extension of our company. The leads come directly through to our sales department, so there’s no delay at all! We just plug them straight into our CRM.”

“What GoTo does is such an important part of our growth. We aren’t marketers, so knowing that key element is looked after means there’s one less thing to worry about. Especially when there’s a long list of other things to worry about, it’s really beneficial.”

How did you find working with GoToDigital?

“GoToDigital completely understand our business. They just get it - the need for speed, the urgency, and doing what you want them to do without being told. Everyone at GoToDigital is absolutely lovely, they feel like part of the team.”

“For anyone who is looking to scale their business in a hassle-free way, I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re not using them, then you should be.”