• Beth Hurst

Mettrr | Testimony

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Part of what GoToDigital does best is listening to the people and companies we work with. We sat down with one of our wonderful clients to chat about how working with us has transformed their business.


Mettrr is an automated ‘do it for me’ website design, build and management platform for small businesses across the world. They let business owners stop worrying about their online presence - and focus on building their business. They asked us to help them expand as their company went global.


Sebastian Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Mettrr, a company he founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2013. His first customer was his own father, who owns a floor and tiling company. Seb was one of the first entrepreneurs in the UK to online crowdfund his business and continues to be a pioneer in the startup world. Here’s what he had to say...

So how do GoToDigital compare to previous services you’ve tried?

“GoToDigital are so results focused and they continually optimise and re-evaluate along the way. The results were astounding - we saw a 60% saving per customer lead, and a huge 2400% boost in the volume of our leads, going from just the UK to serving three countries.”

Would you agree that our biggest joint success is the growth and scale Mettrr has achieved?

“Absolutely. It was always our goal to scale up and try new territories for Mettrr - there are businesses all over the world that need websites! But we were unsure how exactly to go about finding customers in other countries. GoToDigital were brilliant and they helped us expand into the US and Canada with ease. They took everything into account. Scaling wouldn’t have been as successful without the help of the GoTo team.”

How did you find working with GoToDigital?

“GoTo have transformed the outlook of my business. They massively reduced my cost per lead, while simultaneously massively increasing our number of enquiries and enabling us to launch our business worldwide.”