• Beth Hurst

How To Get Customers

Most businesses know that they should be gearing up their digital marketing efforts. That could mean improving on what you’re already doing or starting completely from scratch. Either way, the possibilities of using measurable marketing methods mean that you’ll be able to instantly see the impact of your improvements.

In this article we’ll address how to get customers through lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Broadly, lead generation refers to any effort to generate customers for your business. However, in this case we’re going to look at how using a lead generation service can be an extremely cost-effective way to find new customers for your business.

Put simply - getting the name, location, phone number and email addresses of potential customers delivered to your email inbox.

So how does Lead Generation work?

On this, we can only speak from experience.

At GoToDigital, we use digital marketing across multiple channels to find people who are looking for the services our partners provide. We educate the leads we find (your potential customers) with lots of informative content - they may even come across the ads multiple times before they’re ready to input their details! When they click submit, we match that customer with your business and immediately send their details to you.

Why should I use lead generation?


Letting a lead generation service do all of the heavy-lifting means you don’t need to worry about using PPC, Google Adwords or CDN. You just concentrate on converting your potential customers!


With lead generation, it’s very easy to scale up and down alongside the needs of your business. Having a slow month? Up your lead volume. At full capacity? Lessen the load no problem.


Some lead generation services will offer an agency relationship, meaning you pay a fixed amount no matter how many leads come through. Here at GoToDigital, we charge a fixed price for lead, so you only pay for results.

Guaranteed ROI

As you’re paying a fixed price per lead, you can work out your return on investment more easily than other methods. Improvements to your sales process will have an obvious and trackable effect on your conversion rate.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Setting up your own ads across many channels involves a considerable amount of long-term effort on your part. Energy that could be better spent nurturing and converting customers. Using a lead generation service means that you are able to capture suitable customers without investing much time, and massively reduce your cost per acquisition.

One misconception is that customer generation replaces other marketing routes, such as your website, social media, and email outreach. However, it often works better as a supplement to your current strategies. Multiple channels are needed to get the maximum online exposure for your brand. It’s the smaller details which add up to improving your digital marketing and ultimately getting more customers.

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