• Beth Hurst

GoToDigital 2018 Roundup

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Well, it's officially 2019.

Team GoTo are officially all back in the office, a little confused why eating chocolate for breakfast and spending the day in a dressing gown is no longer acceptable behaviour.

So while we're still feeling a little sore at having to get up while it's still dark outside, we've decided to look back at our 2018. It was a momentous year for GoToDigital, and we'd love to share our favourite achievements with you.

New clients 🤝

Our client base has massively expanded over 2018, and now includes some household name brands. We're excited to continue working with our existing clients to deliver the best results possible.

New industries 🤖

2018 was the year we expanded and took on new markets, but there's even more to come! Our sights are already set on a couple of new industries to begin operating in, and we can't wait to discuss new opportunities...

Brilliant interns 💡

This year we've hosted 7 lovely interns through CAPA study abroad - a big well done to John, Joe, Jaron, Akshay, Sam, Chris and Donald!

We doubled in size 📈

We welcomed new members to the team including Oliver as our Digital Marketing and Account Manager, and Beth as our full-time Content Executive. We also have an extremely exciting new hire to announce very soon. Watch this space...

The big rebrand ✨

Hopefully our previous branding has been buried in the depths of the internet never to resurface. We much prefer our beautiful redesign, don't you?

Achieving as a team 🏆

Between us, we completed 1 marathon, 46 parkruns and 3 x Ride London 46-mile cycles. What a fit and healthy bunch!

Championing qualification 💪

GoToDigital has always put lead quality first. That's why we partnered with Odondo, who provide phone qualification and ensure that we only provide the highest quality leads.

Going global 🌎

In GoToDigital's never ending quest for world domination, we've made a good start so far helping companies in with their customers in the US, Canada and even Dubai.

Celebrating 2018 🎉

We had a lovely Christmas Party to finish off 2018 as we celebrated a successful year. Bring on 2019!