• Beth Hurst

Get Customers With An Email Newsletter

Most businesses know that they should be gearing up their digital marketing efforts. That could mean improving on what you’re already doing or starting completely from scratch. Either way, the possibilities of using measurable marketing methods mean that you’ll be able to instantly see the impact of your improvements.

In this article we’ll be looking at the many benefits of email marketing, in particular email newsletters. Email marketing is a huge opportunity to get in touch with both potential and previous customers to market your services. Maybe you have a new monthly offer that you’d like to advertise - sending an email to your contact book can be extremely effective.

So what do I need to send a newsletter?

1. Get your contact list

Collect a list of email addresses of people interested in your business. This could be from previous buyers on your online store, or people who’ve signed up on your website. Make sure you’re staying GDPR compliant!

2. Find a system

There are plenty of tools available online where you can design a snazzy newsletter to send out to your clients. The best ones include: Mailchimp, Drip, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse and ActiveCampaign.

3. See your results!

Most newsletter tools offer cool features like the ability to track exactly what your subscribers are clicking on and how many times they look at your email, so you can identify keen potential customers and effective campaigns.

But what are the benefits?

  • Cost effective - you have the opportunity to get an extremely high ROI. Some newsletter tools are even free!

  • Direct contact - get to your customers directly instead of just hoping they see your social media post that day.

  • Control - set up campaigns that are completely under your control, because you know your customers best.

  • Personalised content - tailor your email communications with your customers names and content relevant to them.

  • Segments - section off your contact lists into different categories to target different groups. Reward your keen customers with discount codes or re-entice old leads with new offers.

  • Privacy - unlike a public social media post, emails invite privacy. Customers feel like they’re being personally contacted, and may respond with questions they otherwise wouldn’t ask.

According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300% return on investment (ROI). But as we mentioned in our article ‘Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing, just making an email newsletter isn’t enough - multiple channels are needed to get the maximum online exposure for your brand. It’s the smaller details which add up to improving your digital marketing and ultimately getting more customers.

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