• Beth Hurst

EU Commission finds urgent need for continued education in face of Brexit

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

An Independent Commission has highlighted the urgent need to focus on skills and lifelong learning in the face of a changing economy.

The combination of uncertainty due to Brexit, technological disruption and a slump in productivity worse than any other G7 nation mean that the UK is unable to compete, putting the career prospects of young people and adult workers at risk.

The need for continuing education can be seen in roles that are becoming increasingly technological and will require a more advanced skill set that can only be picked up through further study.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, “about 60% of all occupations have at least 30% of activities that are technically automatable, based on currently demonstrated technologies. This means that most occupations will change, and more people will have to work with technology.”

Challenging economic conditions will continue to drive demand for further qualifications, as typically many people enrol in continuing education programs during recessions as workers seek to improve skills to remain hired or find new job opportunities.

Neil Carmichael MP, chair of the Commission and former chair of the Education Select Committee advises: “UK talent and hard work can help us navigate economic challenges, but only if our skills system is in step with the needs of the economy. Without root and branch reform, future generations will be disconnected from economic opportunities.”

The EU Adult Education Survey found that 52.1% of UK adults took part in formal or non-formal education or training in 2016. Across the EU, there was an overall increase of 4.8 percentage points compared with the previous 2011 survey.

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