• Beth Hurst

Digital Marketing at the Dentistry Show

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

On Friday 18th May, GoToDigital attended The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham. The conference was absolutely huge, with the biggest brands like Colgate, Dentsply and Oral B exhibiting alongside the latest treatments, best suppliers and dentistry heavyweights. There were also lecture theatres on every subject, from aesthetic dentistry to the business of running a successful clinic.

There was a lot to be learned at the Dentistry Show, and not just about teeth! From the great talks at the Business Theatre to watching how the exhibitors promoted themselves, we came to some conclusions about digital marketing for dentists that can apply to any industry! Here are our 7 takeaways...

Use inbound marketing

In a Business Skills Workshop by Fooco, titled 'What Smart Dentists Are Doing To Attract New Patients', we learned about particularly successful methods of marketing in the dental space, which could also definitely apply to any industry. They stressed the importance of inbound marketing (such as lead generation) and summed it up pretty neatly:

"If you have more money than brains, use outbound marketing. If it’s the other way around, use inbound marketing.”

Get customers involved

We saw lots of engagement prompted by fun games, competitions and even live treatment demos! By far, one of the best stalls at the convention with Curaprox. Though it wasn't exactly in a prime position (right at the back of the hall) it had a huge buzz around it! That's because once they'd enticed people with bright colours, showed off intriguing wares and offered consumers the chance to get hands-on with the brand - by choosing a flavour of toothpaste and brushing their teeth! People left with shiny teeth and a goody bag - Curaprox gained contact details and brilliant brand awareness.

Getting customers to engage with your brand, whether that's through social media or a competition, is always a good idea.

Marketing is not a cost, it's an investment

A talk we sadly missed was Lee Jones, the Creative Director of Practice Plan. Thankfully, we received a booklet that outlined The 45-Minute Marketing Plan! His fifth point included some brilliant marketing tips that apply not just to dentists, but to any business!

"Marketing is not a cost, it's an investment. And like any investment, it should provide a clear return. So, be bold and allocate a marketing line to your annual budget. You have to speculate to accumulate."

Don't be all show, no substance

So many stalls were brilliant at enticing the crowds. One particularly memorable stand was Japanese themed, complete with samurai and geisha costumes, and offering sushi and beer to the crowds. It was brilliant! However, it was unclear exactly what they were promoting, and they weren't actively taking contact details from the crowds.

The same principles apply to websites and landing pages! Having a flashy, inviting link that goes to a brilliantly designed page is great - but if people are stopping by without leaving any contact details then you should rethink your strategy. Use a simple form and bright Call To Action's instead.

Work hard to close leads

Ashley Latter lead a brilliant seminar detailing his Five Top Tips To Boost Treatment Uptake. In this, he talked through the importance of building a relationship, understanding your customers' vision, and overcoming objections ethically.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand - there's no point investing in your marketing if you don't have a good sales process in place. That's why we wrote our handy guide - how to close inbound leads.

Stay relevant

When the Royal Wedding date was announced, many exhibitors may have felt annoyed that it overlapped with the Dentistry Show. However, some stalls used this in their favour. The Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (Adam Aspire) set up a Royal Wedding themed stand, complete with union jacks, cupcakes, bunting, and a life-sized cardboard cutout of the royal couple, Harry and Meghan!

Using recent trends to stay relevant is a great way to keep your digital marketing fresh, up to date and appealing to customers.

Qualitative marketing

In a seminar called 'How To Set And Measure Performance To Increase Profits', Dental Business Coach Andy McDougall advised dentists to work out exactly what treatments earned the most profit, and said that any marketing efforts need to be qualitative.

We don't mean to brag, but with GoToDigital you can target specific types of customers (in this case, customers wanting profitable treatments) and easily work out your return on investment.

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